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Dr. Franco Beoni founded Audio Technologies in 1976, initially as micro-mechanic lab for the design and development of ENT surgical instruments and devices. 

Audio Technologies mergers the potentialities of a medical devices designing company to the direct experience in the operating theatre. 
Developing intuitions with the capability to catch the real medical needs, Audio Technologies manufactures since many years unique and patented products.

Other than Dr. Beoni, Audio Technologies cooperates with a network of doctors which allows to take inspiration from other surgery experiences as well. The result of this scientific cooperation is the develop of products also beyond ENT surgery, such as neuro, spinal, maxillofacial and dental surgery. The products not related with ENT are marketed with the brand Biosynth Lifesciences (www.bio-synth.net)




Italian patents:

  • Ergonomic chair for microsurgery – 1976

  • Fixing splint system for rhinoplasty – 1985

  • Angulable flange prostheses for tympanoplasty – 1992

  • Registrable prostheses for tympanoplasty – 1996

  • Surgical bone screw for orthopedic surgery - 2011


European patents:

  • Microporrous anathomic tampon for rhinoplasty – 1997

  • Silicon-titanium-PTFE prostheses for stapedotomy – 2002

  • Artifical middle ear I generation – 2010

  • Surgical bone screw for orthopedic surgery – 2011

  • Artifical middle ear II generation - 2011

  • Ninja middle ear prostheses and footplate connector 2013

  • Intenral nasal splints in polypropylene 2014

  • Universal "Ianus" suction tube for settoplasty 2016

World patents:

  • Artificial middle ear – 1993

  • Porous bioceramic prosthesis for tympanoplasty – 1998


Patents USA:

  • Artificial middle ear I° generation – 2010

  • Artificial middle ear II° generation – 2011