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Prosthesis for stapes

Audio Technologies stapes implants

Audio Technologies stapes pistons are finely manufactured to grant the surgeon the maximum easy-handling, reliability and safeness.

The unique features are the result of 40 years of manufacturing experience and continuous experimentations and updates made by the author and by all of our clients. 

  • Platinum grants and exceptional easiness during the manouver to crimp the loop

  • The stem in teflon makes the implant light and allows it an excellent sliding throught the footplate. Moreover, it can be easily trimmed at surgeon's need

  • The loop has 3 external groves to ease a soft an equable closing

  • The pressure of the loop in the incus is equally diluted thanks to the flat surface. This feature minimizes incus necrosis risks


Notes about the length

Generally, the last number of the product code identifies the total length in millimeters.

The catalogue shows the total length of the piston (including the loop diameter). Since the loop diameter is always 1 millimeter, the functional length is the total length minus 1 mm.



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