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Disposable suction tubes

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Audio Technologies Disposable suction tubes

Audio Technologies manufactures suction tubes for several destination of use:


  • Suction tip for otology (diameters from 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm)

  • Nasal aspirators with atraumatic tip

  • Nasal aspirators with detaching tip

  • Aspirators for Neurosurgery/General surgery




Advantages of the disposable suction tubes

  • Safety: grants tube sterility, extremely difficult to clean inside the lumen

  • Cost reduction: doesn't need to recover the device, avoids legal responsibilities, prevents multi-antibiotic resistant hospital acquired infections

  • Time saving: doesn't need to keep traceability and device management, avoids surgery delays for fix or loss

  • Follow guidelines: as suggested by several countries 




  • 30 pieces in each box

  • Each item is packaged in sterile pouch

  • Colour-code indicates the tube diameter

  • Cannula diameter is also etched on the plastic handpiece

  • The last number in the reference code indicates the length in millimeters