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External nasal splints

  • Painted self-adhesive aluminum nose splints with antidecubit element

  • Unique design with flaps

  • Adjustable nasal profile

  • Regulation of pressure on L/R side

  • Available with or without medication kit

  • Patented product

  • Watch the demo video in the section "Video"

  • Download the catalogue at the end of this page

Audio Technologies external nasal splints have a unique patented design: side flaps allow to bend the splint adjusting the angles of the profile and allowing to regulate the pressure left or right side to avoid the tendency of the nasal septum to come back in the pre-surgery position.

The product is available as splint alone or with KIT - which also encloses all the needed items for the medication. 

Download the catalogue below for more info. 


Nasal splint


Single nasal splints




R 19.04 S

50 soft elements (antidecubit) + 50 rigid elements (aluminium splint)


R 19.05 M


R 19.06 L


R 19.04 S-P

10 soft elements (antidecubit) + 10 rigid elements (aluminium splint)


R 19.05 M-P


R 19.06 L-P




Splint with the medication kit


Nasal splints with medication kit

Code Pieces/Packaging Size Specs
R 19.01 K Box 6 with kits Small  Kit with medications
R 19.02 K Box 6 with kits Medium  Kit with medications
R 19.03 K box 6 with kits Large  Kit with medications

Download catalogue

Watch the video