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Measuring device for otology

The first, original measuring tool for middle ear prosthesis is one of the first instruments designed and manufactured by Audio Technologies, nowadays copied and imitated by almost all of the ear implants manufacturers.

The instrument has a slider for the exact measurement of the ear prosthesis. The tool is in stainless steel and can be sterilized in an autoclave or dry.

  1. Hold the measuring device as a pen
  2. Measure the distance between the two points in the surgery field
  3. Place the notch which highlights the wide end portion of the first point
  4. Slide with the finger till the chuck, flowing out of the needle, reaches second point
  5. The distances are displayed on the mandrel in millimeters


In the case of stapedioplasty the first point is represented by the long apophysis of the incus and the second point by the footplate. 



How does it work?

The graduated slot on the handle of the measuring device (ref. 02.14) shows the length in millimeters between the incus and the footplate. The length can be used to choose, cut or adjust the ear implant to the needed length.

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